FOR SALE - Refinished! Peterborough cedar strip canoe 15'


"Canadienne", Model 1427 #151.8267

     An afficianado's delight, this canoe came to GLBW in exceptional condition.  It has been refit and refinished with a focus on preservation and longevity, with enhanced hardware and minimal repairs to original parts.  The face plate with model and  serial number are intact.


    Red Cedar: plank Strips

    White Oak: ribs, breast hook, all trim

     The hull was fully intact, perfect save very minor plank repairs at the bow and rebuilds of the top of all four stem pieces.


     Brass: cup washers, flat washers, keel rub strip, various screws

     Copper: hull nails, stem bands

     Silicon-Bronze: various screws


     New  White Oak gunwales and breast hook decks.

     Outer stems and keels have been bedded with a cotton membrane and 3M 4200.

     New full-length brass keel band, and improved hardware throughout.

     Original copper common nails (stem, gunwales) replaced with silicon-bronze ring nails; original holes used.

     **NB: minor damage to stern seat cane; otherwise intact and original.


     Inside, the original(!) finish has been preserved with Epifanes Clear Varnish x4, and Epifanes Woodfinish Matte x1.

     Outside, two coats of Linseed oil and Epifanes CV x6.