Custom Canoes

     Gull Lake Boat Works does not operate an assembly line.  Each craft is built individually, with your full input, to create a wholly unique and exclusive boat of distinction that unites form and function, beauty and utility.
    Every boat is built to exacting standards, but you must first decide on the type of canoe to be built.  While GLBW's proprietary model, the 15.7' "Kilcoo," is always available, we are not limited to this design alone; we have also built Chestnut Canoe Co. and Peterborough Canoe Co. boats from original moulds that are available to us.   
    The level of finish of each boat - along with the choice of woods, trim options, hardware, decals and paint - is your choice and will further enhance a boat's individuality.

About our custom canoes


Hull: Wood and Metal


Skin: Canvas and Epoxy


Finishing: Paints and Varnish


The Kilcoo-Minto 15'7"Canoe

    Built exclusively by Gull Lake Boat Works, the Kilcoo-Minto 15'7" canoe is a completely unique, proprietary design based on the now-lost Minto Marine 16’.