Chestnut Canoe Co. Prospector "Forte" 18'



White Cedar: plank and rib, inwales (?)

White Oak: stems and decks, trim


Brass: canoe tacks, carriage bolts, stem bands

Silicon-bronze: screws, ring nails


Canvas: #10 cotton duck, plus preservative

Epoxy: WEST, 2x seal, 4x fill


Seat:  weave/material  TBD

Yoke: flat shaped

Thwart: flat shaped


Linseed Oil: new wood x2, outer hull x2

Varnish OUT: Epifanes Clear Varnish x3

Varnish IN: Epifanes Clear Varnish x6; Epifanes Woodfinish Matte x2

Paint: Epifanes Bootlak, two-tone, black #19, maroon#35+ custom deep gold sparkle

Pinstripe: 1/4" gold vinyl (3M)


    This refit is still in progress, so still room to customise (keel, hardware and seat details/options, hull colour) 

    An excellent hull, it only needed minor plank repairs, repairs at both apexes (inwale and stem rebuild/splices), and a rib crack repaired (epoxy).  

     All original common steel has been replaced with silicon-bronze.

     While it has an original  block for a small sailing mast, there is currently no forward thwart to accompany it.