Composite Repairs
GLBW is pleased to repair fibreglass, Aramid/Kevlar, Royalex, and wood-composite boats. More examples of our work can be seen on Kilcoo Camp's and Taylor Statten Camp's Repair pages.

For further information on Composite Repairs and Restorations please contact us by e-mail:, or by phone: 647-454-GLBW (4529).
Click to open SlideshowYoung, Alden Star 21'

Click to open SlideshowUsher-Jones, Bluewater 17'

Click to open SlideshowMcMurchy, Trailhead 17'

Click to open SlideshowMedwedyk, Cedarglass 17'

Click to open SlideshowBlew, Muskoka 16'

Click to open SlideshowEdwards, Swift 16'

Click to open SlideshowEdwards, PJ Boats 16'