The Kilcoo Camp 15'7" canoe is a completely unique, proprietary design based on the now-lost Minto Marine 16’ canoe that was used almost exclusively in Kilcoo Camp’s fleet. The Minto was built in Minden, Ontario by May Minto until the mid-1980s; the “Kilcoo” was reverse engineered from a perfect original (one of the last four May ever built, bought and still owned by a Kilcoo Camp Alumnus) and faired by marine architect Steve Killing to perfect it’s hull lines.

Despite its elegant shape and seemingly shallow depth, the Kilcoo is very stable and easy to paddle – something Kilcoo campers have known for over 50 years!  It has a flat-bottomed, narrow-entry symmetrical hull with a slight rocker and little tumblehome (full specifications can be found below). Great for beginners and experts alike, the Kilcoo is an excellent all-around boat that not only performs during recreational paddling and tripping on both flat and white water, but also excels during soloing.

Canoe Specifications

“Kilcoo” 15'7" Mould Construction
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